Anatolia Logistics

Your Modern Logistics Partner

About Us

Founded by "UMUTREIS" on 11.05.2016, Anatolia Logistics is a well-known name in the Euro Truck Simulator 2, with its respectful and good player community that adopts love and respect as principles. As "Anatolia Logistics": We have been on many agendas of the Euro Truck Simulator 2.

Our Rules

  • Our age limit is +16. Members aged 16 and over can apply to join our company. People who join our company will be in the trial phase for a certain period of time.
  • Discord Usage required. People who active in ETS2 should be in a voice channel on our Discord server.
  • Being disrespectful to the authorities and elders in our company or behaving in ways that would humiliate people and hinder the duties of authorized persons within the company is forbidden.
  • Performing any verbal or physical action that will bring the company into bad name after joining the company is forbidden.
  • Talking about political conversation etc. in our company is forbidden.
  • All kinds of cheating in our company is forbidden.
  • We do not exceed 100 km/h in TrucksBook freight deliveries. Otherwise, the kilometers will not be included in the realistic.
  • It is mandatory to participating in compulsory convoys unless you have an excuse.
  • It is mandatory to comply with our company's monthly mileage limit.
  • It is mandatory to comply with convoy rules.
  • It is mandatory to use the company's truck color when driving with more than one person.
  • It is mandatory to set the TruckersMP player tag to | TR | ANATOLIA.